Top 9 Gadgets and accessories for your car

Be it routine car travel or a long journey, these gadgets are what help you have comfortability, safety and maintenance in order to make your car transit more enjoyable.

This article will suggest the necessary gizmos to let your travel be cheerful. Moovol does not promote any brand, the preferences may differ from one individual to another.

Dashboard Camera

Dashboard Camera or Dash Cam is a necessary accessory. It is like a third eye for your car.

Why do you need a dash cam?
It acts as a proof of your innocence when needed in situations like accidents, road rage, traffic memos and sometimes even thefts.
Some dash cams are equipped with a facility to start recording on encountering a jerk while your car is parked. This is helpful to identify the cause behind the damage incurred to your car.

It capture beauty of nature and wonderful views when you are driving.

When buying a Dashboard camera, the following factors should be considered.

  1. Video quality of the camera: 1080p, 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K).
  2. Night mode and Thermal Imaging.
  3. Wifi and GPS.
  4. Battery or capacitor in camera.
  5. Auto recording and gravity sensor.
  6. Aesthetic prospects and compactness of camera.

Reverse Cam

Reverse camera or a backup car camera is an essential car gadget, it gives a wide angle view of the surroundings of your car which are not visible via the rear-view mirrors. The foremost reason for installing it is the safety of someone or something which is hidden to your car mirrors and secondly, your and the vehicle’s safety while reversing the car.

The following can be checked while purchasing a Reverse Camera.

  1. Wide Angle camera will prove a boon to see the obstacles when reversing the car.
  2. Camera can be mounted above the car number plate on the rear bumper,it is advised to  check that you get the best achievable rear view.
  3. As the name suggests, buy only that system which comes to operation when your car is in the reverse gear.
  4. Opt for a bigger LCD for reverse parking view. Also, it must have parking assist guiding lines.
  5. Some cameras have LEDs to enhance your vision in low light.
  6. Camera mounting is very crucial, the camera can be placed according to the car size and available space, but angle of camera is very important.

However, the new generation cars are by default equipped with a Reverse Camera.

Heads-Up Display

This technological advancement is amazing. It uses a transparent display that projects all the key information of the car in your eyesight while your eyes are on the road while driving. Data like car speed, map and much more is displayed on the screen. It is necessary since it provides the necessary details in front of the car driver without obstructing the driver’s vision.

Some systems also allow the use of smartphones as a display wirelessly.

Buy an HUD (Heads-Up Display) which provides a High Definition display and enough size to easily read the information.

For smartphone wireless display, must check it’s compatibility with your smartphone.

Smart Wireless Charger

During long journeys, it is necessary to charge your mobile to keep it active and hence mobile charging is a prime requirement for every car owner. While selecting a mobile charger for your car always be choosy.

Following points should be considered before choosing Wireless charger for your car.

Always look for a charger which sticks to your dashboard properly. Most of the charger’s mountings do not stick to the dashboard of the car or on the windscreen properly. This may result in it being detached from the dashboard or windscreen with mobile in it and damaging your mobile.
New Generation Mobile
Wireless charger is good for new generation smart mobiles. If you don’t have a wireless charger feature in your mobile, look for a charger which has both functions – wired and wireless mobile charging.
Never buy a long arm mobile charger which holds the mobile, the arm will start vibrating after a short time and it will make it very difficult to see the mobile’s screen.

The mobile holder should be such that when you want to pick up the phone, it should easily detach from the holder.

Vacuum Car Cleaner

A very essential gadget for your car as well as you. A vacuum cleaner helps maintain hygienity and  can keep you healthy, especially if you spend a long time in your car. Household vacuum cleaners are not portable and have high vacuum power, hence are not advisable to be used in cars. You should look for a vacuum car cleaner with the following features.

  1. It should be handy and easy to keep in the car if you want to.
  2. It should operate by your car’s in-built charging port.
  3. Vacuum cleaners should easily clean even small (dry and wet) dust particles including metal screws and some other articles.
  4. Check that it has “HEPA FILTER”, it is a medical grade filter in cleaners.

Car Safety Tools

Car safety tools can be very useful in case of any emergency situation while driving a vehicle. Every car driver should keep the below listed tools to tackle emergency situations quickly.

  1. A car tyre jack according to the tyre size is necessary.
  2. Emergency sign reflector.
  3. Torch with long battery life.
  4. Seat belt cutter.
  5. Glass breaker, to break the windshield or windows.
  6. Fire extinguisher in case of a fire in the car.
  7. Jumper cable to jump-start your car during a battery drain issue.

Blind Spot Mirror

It is a small but very useful accessory for cars. It is to be fitted on the rear view mirror in a way that it can give you a clear view of the vehicles not visible by a simple rear view mirror.

Car Air Purifier

Is it a necessary accessory? No if your car manufacturer has already provided it.

Car air purifier is very important if you reside in a metro city with high pollution since pure air is a necessity to stay healthy.
Most car cabin air condition systems will not be able to filter out particles smaller than dust such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or various gases and odors.
Air purifiers must have a hepa air filter to remove dust particles, carbon filter to remove gas and odour. Some filters come with UV lights which kill bacteria.

GPS Car Tracker

This device is becoming popular day by day with the single most reason that owners can track their cars easily in case of theft, it is very essential for a cab company to track where it’s car is travelling presently and if a single car is used by multiple people, to keep a record of travelling.
Things to consider before buying a GPS tracker.

  1. Size of the GPS device
  2. Mobile connectivity (must have a mobile app)
  3. Realtime tracking facility
  4. Alert notifications
  5. Signals should not drop in garages, basements or tunnels.
  6. It’s good if the device provides other information about vehicles like fuel, AC use and vehicle health.

Some of the accessories require technicians to assemble it properly to your vehicle.

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