Keep your car always in good condition, Following these driving tips

How to keep the car in good condition.

Car maintenance tips will help to save fuel and keep car maintenance costs low.
Here are some tips for good car maintenance practice.

Car Speed and Gear Shifting: Driving a car at an optimum speed will give you
good fuel mileage.

Why optimum car speed is required?

A manual car gives more mileage than an automatic car. Though by driving a car at an optimum speed for every gear, will be good for your car engine, gears and fuel efficiency. Not driving a car at the required gear and optimum speed combination may give the load to the car engine and may knock the car.

Let’s check the optimum Gear and Speed for the car.
a. Fist gear: generally up to 5Km/Hr. speed.
b. Second gear: Up to 25Km/Hr.
c. Third gear: Up to 40 Km/Hr.
d. Fourth gear: Up to 60 Km/Hr.
e. Fifth gear: Up to 70 Km/Hr.
f. Sixth gear: Above 70 Km/Hr.

The same car speed and gear ratio should be followed when shifting down to lower
gears during slow down the car speed.

Using Clutch:

Don’t press down the clutch unnecessarily, Clutch is a mechanical part, it releases the engine from gear, therefore fuel is wasted, and also reduces the life of the clutch plate, which ultimately increases maintenance of the car.

Generally clutch should be released after shifting the gear. On a traffic red light putting
your car in Neutral is a good habit.

Resting your arm on a gear stick

is not a good habit. The rested arm on the gear stick puts pressure on the gear changing mechanism which in long term may damage the gearbox.

Engine oil is to be changed as per car manual, generally after every 5000 Kms. one should change the gear oil which will increase the life of the engine.

Proper Tyre Pressure

will reduce the loss of additional fuel consumption.

Don’t Overload your car

Every car has its capacity to carry weight and the passengers in it. If you don’t follow these rules.
And carry more passengers or luggage with the car. It is difficult to control the car and as it’s breaking and pickup will badly affect. Overloading may damage the car suspension, costs more fuel, or put more strain on brakes and suspension.

Warning signs:

Every modern car has warning signs on the dashboard with a speed indicator. Never ignore those warnings like Engine/ECU, Oil, power steering etc.
Car manual has detailed explanations about the warning indicators.

Drive your car frequently,

which will keep your seals of engines wet, the battery will remain charged, and other engine parts will be lubricated with oil rotation.

Unnecessary weight

Every piece of unwanted weight in the car results in fuel loss. Don’t put unnecessary things in the car, it will reduce your car’s fuel efficiency.

Never Accelerator immediately

after starting the car and never apply car breaks suddenly when you driving your car just for fun. Both habits will damage your car engine very early. (unless in emergencies)

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