Starting car after a long vacation? Check the following car care guide before even ignition of your car.

Car care Tips

Taking care of your car after a long vacation is must for every car owner. Mostly all car owners worry about their unused car condition during the long vacation specially more than 10 days.

We have summarized the following steps and tricks to help you start your car after not being used for a long period of time. As we have mentioned in our previous suggestions for car care during the lockdown period, will help you care for your vehicle.

Inspect your car

We strongly recommend inspecting your car by moving around it and observe closely for following: –

  1. Any leakage like oil, coolant,  Brake or transmission fluid.
  2. Tyre pressure- it is important to keep optimum tyre pressure suggested by your car maker.
  3. Open the car doors, all doors should be kept open for some time. Inspect the car in details for ants and other insects.

2.  Fill your car.

After observing all the fluid in your car if you find any of the essential fluid below the required mark, it should be filled first, especially car engine oil.

Car coolant is an important fluid to check before running of the car. Inflate your car tyres with portable car Tyre air compressor.

3. If you have not driven your car, the battery might be drained or not have enough power to start the car. If the car engine does not start with 2-3 attempts, just leave the attempts to start the car and don’t crank up the engine. Following are the tips to start your car if your car battery is drained.

a. If you have a manual transmission car you can put your car in gear(mostly 2nd) and push the clutch, now take help from someone to push your car from the back. So the driver is in the driving seat and 1-2 people push the car, when it starts moving at least 5-km/h driver releases the clutch suddenly, car will start.

To start a car in this way, you must have some power left in the battery, but if your car battery has no power at all then this method will not work. This method of starting car engine will not work in an Automatic gear car too.


your car battery and charge for some time with another car batter by joining cable from that car to your car(connect -ve to -ve and +ve to +ve terminals of your car battery with the other car battery). You must check twice for above-mentioned connection because if you connect visa a versa battery may explode.
c. There are car battery chargers available online which can charge your 12V car battery.

4. Once you see everything is perfect in your car, try to start your car. You can start the ignition of car, don’t race your engine, keep the engine running at least for 1-minute ideal. Presently you car engine pistons are without oil, so the racing engine may damage pistons.

If you find there is no unusual noise from your car while driving it slowly, you can run your car now normally.

You should service your car,  if you have not run it for a long time.

Happy driving!!

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