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Car care during corona lockdown

Corona Lockdown

However tempting it may feel to drive a car when the roads of the city are free from traffic, congestion and honking. This enthusiasm needs to be put on hold till the lockdown conforming to the Corona pandemic is lifted.

The first and foremost priority today is to stay safe from this pandemic by obeying the guidelines issued by the government in the interest of the public.

Loads of things call for maintenance during this time of lockdown relating to their excessive or in some cases negligible use. One of the most common things corresponding to the need for maintenance due to its negligible use during COVID-19 lockdown period is your car. Some basic steps can be followed to ensure your car’s good health until the lockdown comes to an end.

Car care tips:

  1. Parking
    Park your car at a place where it is exposed to minimum sunlight, those who have their own garage should park their car in the garage. Avoid parking your car under a tree or below overhead power cables where birds sit.
  2. Hand Brake
    If your car is to remain idle for a long period, don’t apply hand brakes in your car, it may damage the brakes; instead, place bricks behind the front tyres to avoid the rolling of the car. If the car has a manual transmission, leave it in the first gear.
  3. Cabin
    Keep the car cabin clean, don’t keep any food items in the car. It can attract rats or ants.
  4. Car Battery

    Taking care of your car’s battery is very important, especially when you are not going to drive your car for a long period of time. Follow these steps to keep your car’s battery charged: 

    • Disconnect the car’s battery by removing the connecting wires from the battery terminals.
      This will cease all electrical functions of your car including the central locking, power window, power steering and the most important- the car’s safety siren.
    • Another, a simpler option is starting your car from time-to-time to keep the battery charged.
    • Check the headlamps, car stereo and other electrical accessories that consume battery are turned off.
    • You can keep a 12 Volt Automatic Battery Float Trickle Charger for emergencies. It can be used to charge the car’s battery in case the battery is drained.

  5. If you don’t keep your car covered, lift the wipers from the windscreen or else the heating of the windscreen can damage the wiper. Placing a paper or a cloth beneath the wipers touching the windscreen can also suffice.
  6.   The air pressure in the tyres should be as per the car manual. Move your car from time-to-time slightly in the forward or reverse direction if it is parked for a long duration, this will keep your car tyres in shape and avoid the same portion of the tyre from always touching the road and will avoid crack formation in the tyres.
  7. Cleaning and Washing car you
    should clean your car’s exterior to avoid dust from damaging the paint and the metal of your car. The interior of the car should also be cleaned and sanitised regularly to ensure hygiene.

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