Car Buying Tips: Best Guide for buying a new car

Buying New Car is always a long and tiresome process, as decisions pass by tons of filters. We will give you some tips and guides while buying a car, sorting out lots of options within your criteria.

Before even going to a car showroom make a list of your requirements, budget, car segment, available discount on car, etc. And never blindly agree to a car salesman.

The following listed steps will help you to buy a car within budget, get the best deal on cars, and it will help reduce the stress of choosing the right car for you.

  1. List your requirements

    Take proper time and research the requirements for you, about your future vehicle. There are lots of car options available in the car market. Buying a car which matches your requirement is a smart way to buy a car. For example, You may be dreaming about an SUV, but is it matching your requirements? Think genuinely of how many times you travel off-road, which it is meant for? If you are mostly driving in the city area, SUV will not be for you.

  2. Car budget

    What should be the right budget for you to buy a car? Is a very important question. Decide the budget according to your yearly paying capacity. The yearly car ownership cost of a car should be less than 25 percent of your total yearly income. Which will include monthly installment and Insurance of your car.

    Also, keep in mind not to keep on increasing your car budget, because you will keep on increasing your budget endlessly to get better and better deals.

  3. Car Search

    Now you are ready with your car segment and budget for it. It is time now to research about car model car company and car company dealer. Selecting a car company and model is a research work, use online material, check specs, safety features, car color fuel efficiency, technology, don’t go for old car models, etc.

  4. Test Drive the Car

    Test drive the car you want to buy, when you drive a car for the first time you will be able to judge the car, but the car’s other features and factors like car gadgets, seating position, space for other passengers, Dashboard quality, exterior car look.

    When you test drives the car check the visibility from the driver seat, driving comfortability, and gadgets using comfort.

  5. Car Discount

    Ask for the Discount, stick to your budget, never reveal the budget to the salesperson.

    You should decide on your car budget before you meet the salesperson of the car company.
    keep in mind:

    1. Stick to your car budget.
    2. Ask for discount / Free accessories.
    3. Wait for the car if it is out of the stock
  6. Car Demo

    Take proper demo of the car and gadgets provided with car from the car showroom, Inspect the car from all side and car interior for any damage during car preparation by the car showroom. Check Spare wheel and tools with the car.

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