Useful Car Apps for your Mobile

Mobile is a very smart gadget invented by humans. Cars are the best way to commute, a combination of smart mobile apps can give you a lot more information and help you to know about your performance, traffic ahead, parking information with just a few taps on mobile.

We have listed some of the useful car apps to be installed on mobile which will very helpful.


Available on: Android | iOS

Fed up of getting stuck in traffic, wasting your crucial minutes? Here is just the app for you – “Waze”. Waze helps you save your time by alerting you of the upcoming traffic on your route ahead, even any police barricades, under construction areas! Even you can update new information related to traffic on the apps and help others save their time too!
Price : Free

Find My Car

Available on: Android | iOS

Forgot where your car was parked at airports or while at superstores, find it with just a tap of a finger. Find My Car Mobile app lets you save the last location of your car (e.g.: before entering a mall) and when you open the app again it just pinpoints you to the exact location of your car. It even shows the real-time distance between you and your car. Simple and effective to use (Requires mobile data to retrieve the location of the car).

Life360(Location Tracking App)

Available on: Android | iOS

If you are a car gang or a bikers group, this app helps you to track your buddies in other cars through your journey. Even if your family member is going for a camp or traveling alone in a vehicle then you can track them from home too!.

mParivahan (India)

Available on: Android | iOS

mParivahan mobile is a blessing for Indian vehicle owners!. Because it is the complete transport digital document app for Indian. Genuine government app for Indians, mParivahan helps you get your vehicle registration number documents( RCBook) in your pocket. You can even verify your driving license on this app. Convert and carry digital RC book, DL, and vehicle information without managing papers, Insurance documents also.

Price : Free


Available on: Android | Apple

If you like get more data from your car than this app is for you. It is one of the best car diagnostics apps there is. It has many amazing features like it helps you track your driving and alerts you for any abnormal driving. Infocar-OBD2 also informs any defects or vehicle faults in real-time driving. Keeps a record of the distance traveled, time, average speed, fuel efficiency and other things. It even gives you credit scores on your driving performance and also gives real-time detailed vehicle data of your car. It is compatible with the OBD2 terminal.

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